Conservas del Sur and the “Esencial Costa Rica” brand
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A dream, a start-up, a lot of work, innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence do show invaluable revenue. It’s a wonderful experience which Conservas del Sur fulfills, when becoming a pioneer company in the El General Valley, backed up by the “Esencial COSTA RICA” brand.

This acknowledgement, which allows Conservas del Sur to set itself in the international food market, with the backup of Costa Rican institutions, was granted on August 2016 by the Promoter of Foreign Trade (Procomer).

The acknowledgement gives us the opportunity to project ourselves outside of our frontiers as a differentiated brand, generate businesses, have access to a national and international communication network, to strengthen out corporative image and, among other benefits, to have access to workshops, conferences and free training.

These are benefits which harmonize and strengthen out propose of producing and offering high quality products, the best looks and the lowest prices. We are, in short, a start-up located in Peñas Blancas de El General, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica, dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of jam, sauces and canned food.

Exquisites made with fresh products, which have been preferred by a growing number of costumers.

In our brand’s 25 products, the consumer may find:

  • Mix of vegetables with hot chili stabilized and preserved in some tasty sweet and sour vinaigrette.
  • Vegetables sauce: a mix of vegetables equally balances, preserved and stabilized.
  • Vegetables in pieces. Mixed, stabilized and preserved in sweet and sour vinaigrette.
  • Jalapeño chili without seeds, pre-cooked, stabilized, very crunchy and of medium spiciness, filled with mozzarella cheese, or with salmon imported from Alaska, or processed tuna.

The customer’s preference is touching. Could it be otherwise? “This is the type of companies that we must support” said Pedro Beirute, chief manager of the Promoter of Foreign Trade during his visit on the 14 of July of 2015 at Conservas del Sur.

“They have capacity, experience, knowledge, infrastructure. Procomer can give you the computing and exploration tools; guide you on opportunities for putting the products abroad”, said Beirute (to Rolando, Walter and Damián Elizondo and Gilberto García, owners of Conservas del Sur).

A year later, during the granting of certificates to Conservas del Sur and other five companies of the Brunca Region, in San Isidro of El General, Beirute said: “They’re “warrior” fighting for improving their companies, producing well-being and prosperity. This is what our country needs”.

More reason to keep on growing and improving. If you’re interested in knowing more about our company and products, don’t hesitate to contact us through our phone number (506) 2738 1440 or our e-mail We’ll be happy to help you!