Our company is an entrepreneurial team really fond of innovation and, above all, eager to serve our reason of exiting: our clients. Through Alimentos DeliSur® we manage to express our desire to serve, offering food products that are innovative through their quality, appearance and price.

Historical background:

Approximately 10 years ago, the DeliSur® project took form with the idea of taking advantage of great quality and qualities of raw materials and regional production, generating at the same time products of great price and quality, as well as committing with our clients and producers to surpass their expectations and showing the care and dedication invested in our project.

Mission and Vision of our Business:

We are an agro-industrial oriented organization with artisan principles, processing selected goods of great quality with a big commitment towards quality standards and collaborating towards productive, social and environmental development.

Our entrepreneurial vision is oriented towards positioning ourselves in the local and international market as a solid company that generates innovative solutions regarding the freshness and quality of our products while consumers enjoy safe, healthy, delicious and nutritive foods.

Our values:

  • Service Oriented
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Dedication towards our clients